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E stablished as a family business in 2002, Miguelito’s International Corporation is a retailer of soft ice cream machine and its premix in Main St. Paco, Manila. The company developed its own formulation of soft serve ice cream, has grown, and expanded their market nationwide. Today, we are the leader in the industry of franchising business of food carts with variety of concept to offer.

A As a growing manufacturer of soft ice cream powder, Miguelito’s International Corporation continuously search for new trends in the market and we have come up with our own formulation of Coffee and Choco blends that suit different group’s taste preference.

T he brand name Micafe was established from the owner’s eldest daughter, named "Micah Ela". This name immediately attracts customer’s attention and they instantly fell in love with the taste of our 3 in 1 coffee and hot chocolate. With all the positive feedbacks and constant demand that we are receiving from those who have tried our products, we decided to introduce Micafe to the market.

P eople behind Micafe will continue to look for better ways to satisfy our customers with our improved products and services and yet, still enjoy its affordable prices. Soon, Micafe will be available everywhere… from small sari-sari stores, drug stores, food chains to the biggest grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide.